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Funkar Production

Funkar produced it's first audio CD in 1999." Saaz Tih Awaaz" was the first Kashmiri audio CD ever produced. Legendary singers like Hassan Sofi, Raaj Begum and Naseem Akhtar are featured in this CD. In keeping with the mission of Funkar to promote new and upcoming artists , Sarmadiya Shafi was introduced.

Funkar's next CD" Maenzraath" , Kashmiri Wedding Songs was produced in 2007. This CD presents the vibrance, melody and pathos reflective of the Kashmiri Wedding scene.
Again in keeping with our mission of giving new artists a voice , Zaina and Mahnaaz are introduced.

Our new venture entails an international production. Funkar has developed a partnership with Lama Jamal a Chicago based group to produce a Kashmiri CD right here in the United States.