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Funkar International's First Kashmiri Music Concert

 We had our first Kashmiri Music Concert in the USA, starting in April, 2015. Three young and talented musicians from Kashmir, were joined by two equally talented musicians from Chicago. They performed in six US cities, Washington DC, Ellicott City MD, New Rochelle NY, Los Angeles CA, Dallas TX  and Buffalo NY. Irfan, Bilal and Mahmeet came to US for the first time. Habib Wardak and George joined them in all the Concerts. Habib played the Rabab and George accompanied them on Tumbakh. Irfan and Bilal are multi instrumentalists. Bilal has been playing flute and Harmonium.Irfan plays the Guitar, Rabab, Oudh and Tumbakh. Mahmeet Syed is an accomplished vocalist.