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Wrap Up 2018

 2018 was an exciting year for Funkar International.

We started a Cofee Table Book with a photographic journey into the mystical sights and poetry of Kashmir. 

We have laid a groundwork for a Documentary on the Breads of Kashmir.

Funkar was able to get Kashmiri Folk Music on an International platform through Coke Studio Pakistan." Ha Gulo Tohi Maa sa vuchvan Yaar Myone" is featured in their Explorer series.

Funkar has continued to support aspiring musicians by donating musical instruments. Last year we donated two Rababs anda Harmonium.

Upcoming Projects

 In 2018 Funkar International is embarking on two major projects.

We are working on the Spiritual Islamic Culture of the Valley of Kashmir. Kashmir has long been a Spiritual capital of the region. We intend to highlight the major Shrines and also the poetry of Sufis side by side.To showcase this we are working on a Coffee Table Book of Shrines and Sufi Poetry.

Awrade Fatihiya, Ronnie Malley and Qadi Ismael

Funkar International's First Kashmiri Music Concert

 We had our first Kashmiri Music Concert in the USA, starting in April, 2015. Three young and talented musicians from Kashmir, were joined by two equally talented musicians from Chicago. They performed in six US cities, Washington DC, Ellicott City MD, New Rochelle NY, Los Angeles CA, Dallas TX  and Buffalo NY. Irfan, Bilal and Mahmeet came to US for the first time. Habib Wardak and George joined them in all the Concerts. Habib played the Rabab and George accompanied them on Tumbakh. Irfan and Bilal are multi instrumentalists.

First Kashmiri International Concert


Funkar International is ready to host it"s first Kashmiri International Concert, on December 28, at The Gathering Place, Clarksville, MD.Musicians from Chicago and Kashmir will blend the tunes of the world in perfect unison. Music transcends boundaries!



International Kashmiri Music Concert

 Funkar International will host it's first Kashmiri Music Concert in USA. The first Concert will take place in Clarksville Maryland. From Kashmir we have invited Irfan, Bilal and Mahmeet. They will be joined by Ronnie Malley , Habib Wardak and George Lawler from Chicago. They are members of the Intercultural music group called Llama Jamal, a known name in the Chicago area. Funkar International worked with these musicians on our CD The Journey of Music.

We are hosting the Concert on December 28 at 6PM at The Gathering Place, Clarksville, MD

Rabab Revival Spring

 In May 2013 Funkar International comissioned Habib Wardak, an Afghan American rababist to revive the use of rabab in Kashmir. Habib spent six weeks in Srinagar and collaborated with the Mizraab School of Music. He created a curriculum for the school and introduced the use of western notation for all instruments.

Funkar International's First Music Concert

ImageWe dedicated our first music concert to our beloved Mushtaq Dar Sahib. Mushtaq was a legendary santoor player. He left us for a better place, one year ago. The concert was a voluntary effort of the musicians who held him in high esteem and wanted this evening to be a tribute to his legacy. Funkarinternational released it's new CD " Badam Phulay " on this occasion. Badam Phulay is an instrumental audio CD of Kashmiri musical instruments.

The Beauty of Kashmir


Pathar Masheed is situated in the heart of Srinagar, the capital of the State of Jammu and Kashmir. Pathar Masheed which literally means the Stone Mosque is certainly one of the most beautiful mosques in the city. It was built by the Moghul Queen Nur Jahan in 1623 AD.

Funkar Production

Funkar produced it's first audio CD in 1999." Saaz Tih Awaaz" was the first Kashmiri audio CD ever produced. Legendary singers like Hassan Sofi, Raaj Begum and Naseem Akhtar are featured in this CD. In keeping with the mission of Funkar to promote new and upcoming artists , Sarmadiya Shafi was introduced.

Funkar's next CD" Maenzraath" , Kashmiri Wedding Songs was produced in 2007. This CD presents the vibrance, melody and pathos reflective of the Kashmiri Wedding scene.