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About Us - What is Funkar?


Funkar International, Inc., was started by two Kashmiri women who immigrated to the United States in the 1970s. As their children grew older, these women wanted to share their musical heritage with their children, but grew frustrated with the quality of folk recordings on the market. After lamenting the lack of digital format recordings of true Kashmiri folk music, they decided to do something about it. Thanks to the generous support of a few members of the Kashmiri-American community, they were able to raise funds to produce "Saaz Tih Awaaz," the first digital format recording of Kashmiri folk music greats Ghulam Hassan Sofi, Raaj Begum, and Naseem Akhtar.

Shortly thereafter, they constituted a board of directors, incorporate Funkar International, and apply for tax-exempt status.

Funkar International's most recent project is a recording of Kashmiri wedding songs, featuring some popular artists, as well as some newcomers. In the future, Funkar International intends to focus on dance, visual arts, and collaborations by traditional folk artists with contemporary artists.